Brisket continued….

So the overnight smoke went pretty well. However, I failed in the thermometer placement department. Both for the grill temp and the food temp. This caused the Maverick-732 alarm to go off several times in the middle of the night


my wife wanted me to point out that she was left to deal with it since I was over a neighbors house watching basketball and staying out too late as usual.

At 5:30 am I remedied the situation by putting the thermometer in the thick part of the flat and not the point (which contains for fat and cooks faster). And moving the BBQ temp probe.

The BBQ Party Q was absolutely money. Barely kicks on and off all night but holds the temp well. I bought lithium batteries (AA) for the Party Q as alkaline batteries don’t hold up well in the cold (below zero last night)

It’s now 12:20 pm about 14 hours into the cook and we are getting close. Meat at 183 degrees. Ill probably take off at 1pm. Let rest in a cooler (wrapped in satan wrap, foil, and towel) for 1 hour. Then will separate the flat and point. Point meat will be used for burnt ends (post on this to come). The flat will be returned to the cooler for slicing at the party (3pm)

See pic after 14 hours (nice bark!)

Till next time.

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