wings and things

definitely missing Josie more and more.  I would have bought a knock-off cheaper version @ a big box store (Lowes) if they had it…glad they didn’t.  Will just have to save up for the real thing and bring to the beach.

I love eating out at the beach and there are a few good BBQ places but I’ve decided so far not to eat any BBQ; I want to make all kinds of things on Josie when I get back.

I did get some of my favorite wings from The Kill Devil Grill – these wings are money.  Rubbed/Smoked and finished on the grill.  I need to try to go after that flavor profile.   Any suggestions on how to properly deconstruct a recipe – please let me know.  I look forward to BBQ-Brother Dave visiting this summer to help me figure out what ingredients are in these bad boys.


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