Strip Steaks-Not my best but…..

My in-laws enjoyed them.

Picked up 4 nice NY Strip Steaks from the butcher at Wegmans (on sale 6.99/Lb)

Seasoned steaks with Dizzy’s Red Eye Express Rub and put in fridge for about 2 hours then took them out to approach room temp.

Pre-heated Bessie to 700 degrees with the grate in the grilling position. Didn’t use grill grates this time since I had 4 steaks to grill and they wouldn’t fit.

Grilled steaks at 600-700 for 4 minutes each side (1/4 turn half way through on each side)

And folks…this was my mistake. Way too long on each side. Not sure what I was thinking. Next time will do about 2-3 minutes each side.

Overall the flavor was there and they were juicy but just a bit overcooked.

Thanks to BBQ brother Chris for letting me borrow his electric knife. Made quick work of the 4 steaks.

Ill give this a 6.5-10 but my guests were happy so I can’t complain.


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