Easter Turkey. She Gone….

Sitting here in a constant state of food coma watching the second of two pretty terrible BBall games (both blowouts ) ….one that featured the worst looking sport injury I have seen.

Anyway, turkey came out fantastic despite the terrible smoking weather.

Took the turkey out the brine about 2 hours (24 hours later) before cooking so it could warm up a bit. Then injected with a creole butter goodness that I purchased from bass pro shops (see pic). Then coated bird with olive oil and seasoned with Dizzy Pig Raging River seasoning. Put maverick thermometer in thick part of the breast meat.

Stuffed with apple, onion, oranges

Heated Bessie to about 300 and used cherry wood chucks and cooked under indirect heat. Placed aluminum pan on heat deflector, with beer, onions, oranges and apple

Bird was done after about 3 hours, at 310- 325 pulled when temp was 162 and let rest for about 40 minutes before carving.

Came out money! Very juicy and nice crisp on the skin. Best turkey I have had. Nice job Bessie, you fought through adverse weather conditions and delivered a nice smoke again.

Happy Easter everyone. Till next time.







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