Prime Rib-The Details

The details of the Prime Rib

  • – picked up a 6 LB boneless rib roast from Hemps
  • – lightly rubbed with Olive Oil
  • – covered top and bottom of roast with McCormack “Cowboy Rub”
  • – let sit @ out for about 2 hrs to get to room temp
  • – Fired up Josie and got the temp up to about 500 and seared each side for 3 min
  • –  removed roast and grill, put heat deflector in lower position
  • – used a few hickory chunks (had been soaking in water for a few hrs)
  • – brought temp down to 300 and smoked the meat for just over 2 hrs until the internal temp was around 125
  • – let rest for about 20 min
  • – made au-jus with drippings, beef stock and red wine
  •  – carved into about 1″ cuts, had plenty for 6 people with 1 leftover portion
  •  – served with creamy horseradish and raw/prepared horseradish

The roast took a bit longer than I had planned.  Next time, I will put the roast on while bringing the temp down after searing.


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