Deconstructed French Onion Soup

I love this recipe for use with a great steak. Last night we had some nice filets at the Murphy’s so it was a good time to bust it out. Very simple

Buy Large Sweet or Vidalia Onions. Cut bottom of onion just enough so it sits flat. Remove onion skin then core the onion but don’t go al the way through the bottom. (See pic).

Add two beef bouillon cubes and fill rest with butter or margarine. Wrap well in aluminum foil. Sometimes double wrap it. As you want to make sure juices stay in.

I put these onto the grill with the Peruvian chicken I made so they were on the grill for 1 hour at 325 or so. You know they are done of you can push in the foil package with your finger and it feels soft.

Take off grill, open into a bowl and cut up a bit with a knife. That’s it.

Put on steak or eat with bread.

These could have been cooked a bit more so you get more of a char but they were solid.


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