Mesquite smoked burgers

Grilled up some burgers tonight seasoned with Dizzy Pigs “Raising the Steaks” seasoning.

Grilled on the “grillgrates” at around 550 using a handful of mesquite chips.

Overcooked these a bit. Need to start to trust my judgment again and not rely on the maverick insta-read thermometer for such things.

Also grilled up some onions seasoned with Dizzy Pigs Jerk Seasoning. Topped the burgers with the grilled onions and some guacamole.

Burgers were pretty solid despite the overcook. Will make again but will cook to medium as intended.

Served with a side of pasta salad made by Lisa.

Forgot to take pics of burgers which had nice grill marks but got a quick pic of the plate.

Time to watch the Masters then NY Rangers Hockey.

Scallops and Tuna Steaks tomorrow.

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