King Crab, Beer Can Chicken and Corn

Solid meal after a nice day at the pool….

Beer Can Chicken:

Picked up one 5-6 LB chicken that I washed thoroughly, patted dry and coated with extra virgin olive oil.  Seasoned liberally with Dizzy Pig Spices (Swamp Venom and Tsunami Spin).   I used the Kamado Joe Chicken Stand which I filled with 10 oz of Coors Light, soy sauce (1 TBS) and apple cider vinegar (1 TBS).

Preheated Kamado Joe to 350 degrees and added Mesquite wood chips.  Added chicken (on chicken stand) and grilled for about 1 hour maintaining 350 degrees (until temp of breast meat was 165 degrees).  The chicken came out very moist and the spice added just the right amount of heat and flavor.










Grilled King Crab

Bought a 2 LB box of Alaskan King Crab at Costco, preheated (weber gas) grill to 400 degrees, sprayed grates well with Pam and put the frozen crab legs directly on the grill.  The box said they would be heated through in 3-5 minutes but they were still cold after this time so I cooked for an additional 5 minutes (~10 total) and they came out great.









Nothing fancy here, I was more concerned about the Chicken and Crab so this was an afterthought.  Shucked corn and wrapped with aluminum foil.  Placed on Kamado Joe, after I took off the chicken and grilled at around 400 degrees for 10-12 minutes.








Overall a great quick meal after a fun yet very busy weekend with friends and family.   We are all exhausted.



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