Grilled Southwestern Bone-In Chicken Breast

After another busy weekend of boating/Fishing in the Chesapeake and Fishing in the Potomac river, we had a relaxing Sunday which provided some time to fire up the Kamado Joe (Bessie).

My wife picked up 4 large bone-in chicken breasts from Wegmans.  I was looking for that grilled chicken wing type flavor but I wasn’t really in the mood for chicken wings.  I found a Bobby Flay recipe for Buttermilk Southwestern Grilled Chicken which I didn’t follow exactly but did use the main ingredients.

My recipe was as follows:

2.5 cups buttermilk, 3 cloves minced garlic, 2 TBS Chili Powder, 2 Tsp  Cumin, ~1/2 cup rank’s Red Hot Wing’s Hot Sauce (Buffalo flavor), and 1 Tsp Black Pepper.  

Mix together and add to chicken in a 1 gallon Freezer Bag.  Place in fridge and let marinade.  Overnight would be preferred but I only did around ~5 hours.   Remove chicken from marinade and coated with Dizzy Pig Tsunami Spin and Dizzy Pig Swamp Venom.

Pre-heated the Kamado Joe to 400 degrees, added pecan/mesquite wood chips and grilled under raised direct heat using the KJ grill extender.  I grilled with the breast side down for 10 minutes, then flipped to have bone-side down until the internal breast meat temperature hit 163-165 degrees (around 50 minutes total grill time).

While the chicken was resting, I melted about 1 TBS of butter and mixed with ~1/2 cup of Frank’s Red Hot Wing’s Hot Sauce (Buffalo flavor) and coated the chicken and saved the rest for dipping.

The chicken was super juicy and had great flavor.  I will definitely make this again but will try to marinade for longer.  I also may try removing the skin so the rub and marinade gets more direct contact with the meat.  Served with corn and Egg Noodles.


Overall, I highly recommend.

Congrats to Phil for a great win in the British Open….


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