Prime Rib Roast (with clams on a half shell and blackened Mahi-Mahi)

As with the last time I visited my parents, my dad made a stop at the Cow Palace in Westhampton, NY and picked up a prime rib roast and 4 racks of baby back ribs.

The night before our overnight tuna fishing trip to the hudson canyon we decided to grill up the prime rib. Some people choose to cut the bones out before grilling but I find it adds flavor and the meat around the ribs make for good eating too.

Preheated the Kamado Joe to 350 degrees, grilling over indirect heat using cherry wood chips for the smoke. I prefer wood chunks but this is all he had and it worked fine.

I also added a drip pan on top of the heat deflector to collect the drippings for au jus.

The prime rib was coated with extra virgin olive oil, coated with McCormick Grill Mates Brown Sugar Bourbon and was removed from the fridge about 2 hours before grilling to allow to to approach room temperature.

The 6-7 LB prime rib, was grilled for about 2-2.5 hours until the internal meat temperature reached 125 degrees (note: this group preferred more medium as opposed to medium-rare). After resting for 10 minutes the temp rose to 135 degrees and was carved. The prime rib was very flavorful and cooked perfectly for the group.

We also grilled 7 baked potatoes which were wrapped in aluminum foil and placed around the prime rib. They were grilled the entire time (~2-2.5 hours) and came out perfect.


For the Aus Jus, we added the drippings to a sauce pan, added water, red wine, a beef bouillon cube, black pepper and butter and reduced. You have to ballpark these amounts depending on how much drippings you collect. Overall this made about 3 cups of Au Jus.

In addition to the prime rib and baked potatoes, we had clams on a half shell (fresh from Shinnecock Bay) and grilled blackened Mahi-Mahi (caught by my dad). The Mahi-Mahi was prepared as described in a previous post.



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