Kicking off the 3 day weekend!

Wanted to kick off the last weekend of summer with a great meal.  Karen picked up some nice NY Strips from Wegmans and I brought them to room temperature and generously applied McCormack’s Cowboy Rub.

Cowboy Rub

Cowboy Rub

Fired up my Kamado Joe “Josie” and quickly brought the temp to 500.  Threw on a couple of dry hickory chunks for some extra flavor and used the grill grates to create beautiful sear marks.  Grilled for 2 min/turn, 2 min/turn, then 1 min/turn and finished for 1 min.  Both steaks turned out a perfect medium.

Love Grill Grates!

Love Grill Grates!

Found a recipe for Bacon-Blue Cheese stuffed Vidalia Onions so prepared them as described by the recipe.  The difference between this onion and the previously referenced and crowd favorite, DFO, is that you start by grilling the onion then add the mix which helps it turn into more of a grilled onion side dish and less of a “soup.”

Even for you folks that don’t love blue cheese, this is worth a shot.  The bacon and butter have a “mellowing” effect on the bold blue cheese flavor.

2013-08-30 19.51.01

Served with some good but reasonably priced wine from AKA Friscos.

Here’s to our new logo and the start of a great 3 day weekend that will include a trip to Baltimore tomorrow to watch the practice and pre-race activities for the Baltimore Grand Prix followed up by a rib fest over at BBQ Brother Dave’s place.  Cheers!


2013-08-30 19.50.53

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