Grilled Stuffed Lobster and Beer Can Style Turkey Breast

After a quiet couple of weekends for me and Kamado Joe (Bessie), I decided to step things up today.

Initially went to Wegman’s for just a Turkey Breast but then noticed live lobsters for $5.99/LB so I picked up a two of them (~1 1/4 LB each).

Fired up the grill to about 300 degrees (with heat deflector and water pan in place).   Injected the turkey with melted butter (3/4 stick) and 1 TBS Old Bay Seasoning and rubbed the outside bird with Dizzy Pig Tsunami Spin

About mid-way through I increased the temperature to 350 degrees to help crisp up the skin a bit more.   Used the Kamado Joe Chicken Stand (filled with Coors light)  Total cooking time was about 2 hours (pulled from grill when breast temp hit 165.   I decided not to add smoke this time.

Grilled/Beer Can Turkey Breast

Grilled/Beer Can Turkey Breast

Grilled Stuffed Lobster

Two (1 1/4 LB live lobsters) briefly steamed/boiled for ~2-3 minutes then added to a bowl with ice water to stop the cooking process.  The legs (not claws) were removed and the meat was taken out to add to the stuffing.

The cooled lobsters were then split lengthwise (not all the way through) and butterflied.   The innards are removed by placing the lobster under running water.

Stuffing: One white onion (diced), 1 TBS garlic were sauteed with butter until translucent then 10 crushed Ritz crackers was added along with the (leg meat) and mixed.

The stuffing was then added to the middle of the lobster and grilled under direct heat at around 375-400 degrees for 10-15 minutes.

Lobster on the Kamado

Lobster on the Kamado

This meal was fantastic.   I wasn’t expecting the turkey to pair so well with the lobster but this is something I will do again.   It was also one of the best lobsters I have had but next time I’ll look to get bigger lobsters >1 1/2 LBS

In addition to the Turkey and Lobster we had Brussels sprouts and gravy made with the drippings from the Turkey.

Complete Plate!

Complete Plate!

Definitely OnPoint!

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