Apple Smoked Baby Back Ribs

This past Sunday we decided to smoke a rack of Baby Back Ribs which we picked up from Wegmans.

As usual, I prepped the ribs by washing under cold running water, patting dry then removing the silver membrane from the back of the ribs (key step).

I typically use a butter knife to get under the membrane and a paper towel to make it easier to pull off (otherwise its pretty slippery).

Coated the ribs with yellow mustard and used two Dizzy Pig Rubs (Dizzy Dust and Red Eye Express). The Dizzy Dust is a staple for me but this was the first time I used the Red Eye Express for Ribs.

Preheated the Kamado Joe (Bessie) to around 220-250 degrees, put the heat deflector in place and added an aluminum pan filled with water for extra moisture.

Added ~4-5 chucks of Apple Wood to the coal and put the ribs on (with rib rack).

Ribs On!

Ribs On!

Smoked these ribs using my golden standard for Baby Back Ribs ~230-250 degrees (2-1-1 method).

After the two hours unwrapped, I coated the ribs with honey, brown sugar and spray butter and wrapped (grill for 1 hour)

About to wrap...

About to wrap…

After the 1 hour wrapped, the ribs were really starting to look nice and tender.  Last step calls for 1 more hour unwrapped (coating with BBQ sauce after unwrapping, w/ 30 minutes remaining and once more before pulling off grill if desired)

This time I used Two Fat Guys BBQ Sauce (Smoky).  I must say, nice work (fat) guys.  Sauce is very tasty.

Not to brag but I think I have settled in to a solid routine with my ribs.  Perfect texture and flavor.   Tender, Juicy and perfect smoke ring.

Served with cornbread and baked beans (eventually need to get around to making these from scratch but this time we used bag and can for each, respectively).

Expecting to grill something this weekend.   Hope everyone had a nice Halloween.  Next two months are my favorite time of the year.

Pre-cut Ribs

Pre-cut Ribs


Complete plate

Complete plate


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