Marinated BBQ Chicken Thighs

Picked up some boneless chicken thighs (around 3 LBS). Figured would try something different since last time I used bone-in.

Used the same marinade as I posted about recently. The only difference is that I used lime juice instead of lemon juice. These were in the fridge for about 24 hours so plenty of time to soak up the tasty marinade.

After this time, the chicken was removed from the fridge and coated with Dizzy Pig Tsunami Spin and Jamaican Firewalk spice rubs.

Heated the Kamado Joe (Bessie) to around 300 degrees using Wicked Good Charcoal. To avoid burning I used the raised cooking grate (also known as a grill extender).

Grilled the chicken for about 20-25 minutes flipping once half way through then again with about 5 minutes left. Coating with Two Fat Guys BBQ Sauce (Smokey flavor).

Chicken was OnPoint!! So much moisture and tons of flavor. Had plenty left over, which was great for a late night snack and for lunch today.

I think I will go with the boneless again. Can’t beat it. Around 6 dollars and we got 2-3 meals out of it (for 2 people).

Highly Recommend if you are looking for a new chicken recipe.

Will be grilling up a flank steak shorty and hope to update the site tonight with a new steak marinade.



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