Flank Steak…Final Final

This will be a quick post since I have posted several Flank Steak grill sessions of late.   It will be quick because I don’t see any reason to change what I posted about previously.

Only thing I did slightly different is that I blended the marinade together before adding it to the steak.

This was the last of the 2 LB flank steak cuts that I got from Gore’s Meats.

Grilled the Steak over high heat (550 degrees) using the GrillGrates for about 5 minutes each side.

Ended up a perfect medium…Served with some 2011 Winemakers Selecrt Red Wine from a local vineyard Tarara Winery.

Ended the evening by watching the NY Rangers beat the Predators.  If the NY Giants can do the same to the Cowboys later today that would round out the weekend nicely.




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