Baby Back Ribs-Quick Post

Not going to elaborate on this one too much since I basically followed my go-to rib recipe posted in detail previously here

In this case I changed from the usual apple smoke to peach wood smoke.  I thought the smoke level was fantastic on this.

2-1-1 method at around 220-250.  Applying the BBQ sauce during the last hour.

Went the easy route on the BBQ sauce and used 60/40 mixture of two sauces that I had lying around.   For the 60% portion I used Sweet baby ray’s original sauce and Two Fat Guys Lava Hot Sauce  for the 40%.  Personally, I think the Lava hot sauce is way too hot for BBQ but I enjoy the overall flavor and wanted to find a way to use it.  Diluting with the Sweet baby ray’s definitely helped.

As usual, these ribs came out perfect and had a refreshing amount of spice to them.



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