Thanksgiving Turkey….delayed post

It’s been quite some time since my last post.  No good excuses really just busy with work on holiday stuff. Will be making up for it over the next day with a few belated posts.

Went up to visit my family on Long Island for thanksgiving.  We always eat at my aunt’s/uncle’s house but we also decided to grill up a bird of our own to eat on the day after.

My dad picked up a 22 lb turkey which he brined for a full 24 hours.   Note if you use a brine recipe that is very heavy on the salt, this might be too long but the recipe he used isn’t too salt heavy (for a brine).  See previous post with brine recipe.

After the bird was brined, I washed it off and patted dry.   I then melted about 1.5 sticks of (non-salted) butter and injected the bird all over.   Next, you peel the skin back on the breast meat to allow room for rub application (right on the meat).  For this recipe we just used the montreal chicken seasoning and Dizzy Pig Tsunami Spin Rub and drizzled Extra Virgin Olive Oil on the top.    We then stuffed the turkey with apples, oranges and onions.

Picture of the Turkey after Rub was applied.


Preheated the kamado joe to around 350 degrees using the heat deflector plate (indirect heat) with an aluminum drip pan in place 1/2 filled with water.   This serves 2 purposes both to keep the bird moist while cooking but to also keep the drippings from burning so they can be used for gravy later on.  Monitor the water level as your cooking to prevent burning.

Trick: add to rolled up pieces of aluminum foil (about 12 inches long and as thick as a pencil) and place them between the tray and heat deflector.  This allows air to pass underneath the tray to keep it from getting too hot.

I decided not to apply smoke to this turkey but if I did I would have used a mild smoke such as cherry/apple/peach

In total the turkey took about 3 hours to get nice golden brown.  Grilled until breast meat hit 160-162 degrees then allowed to rest.



This turkey came out super juicy a flavorful.   I think the brine and injection of butter really helps that.


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