Game Day Pork Shoulder

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted to this blog.  Never stopped smoking but life got in the way of posting.  Really no good excuse.

However 2017 will be different and what better way than to start out smoking a pork shoulder on a balmy 13 degree morning.   Not just any day though.

NY Giants vs Packers: Kick-off @4:40pm. 

Back to the details:   Picked up a 7-8 LB Pork Shoulder at the local Wegman’s (grocery store).  Trimmed off the excess fat and coated with extra virgin olive oil

Rub:  Trying out the Weber Dry smoking Rub

Coated the pork shoulder liberally, wrapped in plastic wrap and placed in the refrigerator overnight.   This morning, removed pork from the refrigerator, to allow it to approach room temp.

Filled the Kamadojoe with lump charcoal, fired it up to around 250 degrees, put a few apple wood chucks the heat deflector in place and aluminum water pan in place.

Added the pork shoulder to the smoker around 7:30 am (outside temp about 13 degrees). Used the Weber iGrill2 to monitor temp of the meat.

KJ working hard in the cold weather:

Instead of pulled pork, I’m going to slice this meat with my deli slicer so I’ll took it to 185 degrees instead of 200-205.  Midway through I added more water to the pan and sprayed the pork with butter

About 6 hours later here is the “finished” product.  Nice bark

For the BBQ sauce, I’m going with the crowd favorite “mustard and vinegar”-based sauce.   You can find the ingredients and prep for that in one of my previous posts (here: )

Will update with a few post-slicing pictures and will provide a link to the deli slicer I use which works really well and isn’t expensive.

In the meantime, good to be back and Let’s Go G-Men!!!!