“Perfect Portion” Sirloin Steak w/ Cow Lick Steak Rub

As stated in a previous post, we picked up some “Perfect Portion” Sirloin steaks at Wegmans.  Had Kamado Joe (Bessie) preheated to 550 degrees with the grill grates in place.

Coated the steaks in extra virgin olive oil and used the Dizzy Pig Cow Lick Steak Rub, then placed them on the grill grates at 500 degrees (sprayed with Pam to prevent sticking)

Since these steaks are almost 2 inches thick and have almost a triangle shape (i.e. essentially 3 sides), I grilled using the following times:

2 minutes (1/4 turn), 2 mintes (flip), 2 minutes (1/4 turn), 2 minutes (flip), 2 minutes (1/4 turn), 2 minutes..done

Sounds like a long time but again, the steaks are pretty thick.  Pulled off the grill and let steaks rest for 5 minutes.

They came out fantastic, medium/medium-rare as I had hoped.  Nice grill marks!!


Cow Lick Steak rub was great with these steaks, added a little spice/heat but not too much to take over the flavor of the steaks.  Highly recommend.

Another OnPoint meal….

C&O Bike Trail Run & Kamado Joe Warmup

On June 7-8th, I’m joining Chris and others on a Ragnar trail relay race in the mountains of West Virginia.  Needless to say, I’ve been slacking on my training since I have been busy at work.  So I decided to go for a run before I started grillin…

My run was going pretty well at the outset and I made it down to the river and along the C&O bike trail with no problem….. then turned around to come back.

This is when things went downhill and uphill at the same time.  The downhill part was that my battery died on my cellphone so I lost gps tracking for how long I ran, and more importantly, music.

The uphill portion that I was referring too..was….literally uphill the ENTIRE way back.

Had a nice run though, check out the pic from the path.Image

Before I left I started the grill, and Lisa wo(manned) the grill while I was gone to ensure the temp didn’t go above 500-600 degrees.  She did well and the grill was ready upon my return.

It was ready for some OnPoint Steaks.

Firing up Kamado Joe “Bessie” tonight-Steaks!

Its been a long week and I’m looking forward to grilling up some steaks that I picked up at Wegmans.  I plan to use my grill grates which allow you to get those nice checkerboard grill marks.

I don’t expect to do anything fancy, maybe a little extra virgin olive oil, kosher salt and fresh ground pepper to season the steaks.  Although I may change my mind and use some of Dizzy Pig’s Cow Lick steak rub.  

I ran through my two bags of Wicked Good Charcoal Weekend Warrior Blend natural lump charcoal so I picked up an emergency bag of Cowboy Natural Lump Charcoal realizing that it doesn’t get the best reviews.

However, my first impression was that it will work well for short grilling and smokes given the relatively uniform lump size.   For longer smokes like my OnPoint Pulled Pork which I did last weekend, the larger lump found in the Wicked Good Charcoal Blend may be preferred but we will see.

I’ll be sure to update the blog on my experience.

Hope your friday is OnPoint…