Busted Finger and Herrington Harbour South Marina Trip

Not my usual post here but I wanted to comment on an adventurous weekend and give a shout out to Herrington Harbour South Marina (HHS) on the western shore of the Chesapeake Bay.

Headed down to the boat on a beautiful Saturday morning expecting to cruise ~25 nm to HHS.  Instead I managed to obtain a major cut to my middle finger during my typical pre-departure routine (check oil levels etc..) courtesy of the engine hatch.  10 stitches and several hours later we decided it was probably not wise to take the boat so we called and made reservations at the Inn.

This turned out to be a great decision. What an amazing place.  They were kind enough to upgrade us to a VERY large Suite overlooking the Marina.   We had a great time on the beach and pool.  They even had fireworks and a night time movie on the beach.


For dinner we had an outstanding meal at Mango’s Bar & Grill.  Given the condition of my finger and just wanted to relax, we decided to get takeout.  For appetizers we split a 1/2 LB of Steamed Shrimp served with Old Bay Seasoning (of course) and caramelized onions and the Molly Malone Mussels which are Prince Edward Island mussels sauteed in a garlic/parsely cream sauce.  The mussels were good but the sauce was a bit too creamy for my liking. For entrees, I had the Tournedos Chesapeake (top pic) which was 2-5 oz beef filets topped with crab imperial and jumbo shrimp and served with mashed potatoes and steamed snow peas.  Lisa had the Mango Chicken Salad (bottom pic).

HHS-foodI highly recommend the Tournedos Chesapeake…I have had similar combinations before but this was great.  Crab cake was tasty and the steak cooked to medium just the way I like it.

I plan to make a similar meal on my Kamado Joe ASAP.   At which point I will include a detailed prep.

For anyone in the DC metro area, HHS is worth the trip.

OnPoint!! (except for the busted finger)

Didn’t have ribs tonight (maybe tomorrow) – but this would go really well with spicy stuff.  Also need to figure out what the Grillers Association is – I want to be a certified member too!

Rib Shack 09 (F) FA Rev