Another OnPoint Pulled Pork!

It has been a busy start to the summer and updating the website with new posts has suffered accordingly.

Last weekend I picked up a 10 LB pork shoulder from Wegman’s, which I washed the pork thoroughly under cold running water then patted dry. I then mixed up an injection marinade consisting of the following:

1/2 cup apple juice, 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar, 1/4 cup pineapple juice, 1 tsp black pepper and 1 tsp of Dizzy Pig Dizzy Dust Rub.

The injection mixture was blended together then injected all over the pork. After draining excess liquid from the pan I applied extra virgin olive oil to the entire pork shoulder and then liberally applied Dizzy Dust Seasoning and Dizzy Pig Raging River

The pork was placed in the fridge for about 10 hours then removed 1.5 hours prior to placing on the Kamado Joe “Bessie”.

Preheated Kamado to 200 degrees, added apple wood and cherry wood chucks then placed heat deflector on the lowest position and added a aluminum pan with water to keep the meat moist.

Started grilling around 10 pm and used the BBQ guru party Q to maintain the temperature overnight. For this smoke I used Wegman’s brand of Lump Charcoal (more on this later). As usual, the pork hit the stall period ~160 degree internal meat temperature.

I removed the pork when the internal temp hit 193 degrees (16 hours later), at this point the charcoal had run out as well. Note: while I like Wegman’s brand of lump charcoal for ribs, burgers, steaks etc. it clearly doesn’t have the lasting power of Wicked Good Lump Charcoal. So I would be cautious about using this or the Cowboy brand of lump charcoal for long smokes.

After pulling the pork from grill I wrapped in aluminum foil, then a wrapped in towel and placed in a cooler to rest for 2.5 hours. The pork pulled apart nicely, had a great bark and was very juicy.

Once again it was a huge hit and all 10 LBs was quickly gone. I served with both the Kansas City Style BBQ sauce and Eastern Carolina Sauce that I have posted previously. Combining the two seemed to be what most were doing.



Getting ready for my first long smoke…

After a long week for me and a quiet one for my Kamado Joe “Josie”, we are getting ready for our first long smoke.

Just got home from Wegmans, purchased a 6.5 LB pork shoulder ($1.19 per pound – great price).  Charcoal box is ready, pork is injected and rubbed, and is ready to go first thing in the morning.  I used John Henry’s “Pecan Rub” and plan to smoke with some pecan wood chunks tomorrow.

Come on Josie.  We will be OnPoint….

OnPoint Pulled Pork

Everyone loved this pulled pork.  By far the best I have smoked thus far.   Key was I kept it low and slow.  I normally smoke at around 250 degrees but kept this a 220 for 18 hours.

I also add an aluminum drip pan filled 1/4 way with water and apple juice which helped with the moisture retention.  All 8.5 LBS was quickly gone.

OnPoint Pulled Pork
8.5LB Pork Shoulder smoked with Apple and Cherry wood chunks for 18 hours at 220 degress.
Recipe type: BBQ
Serves: 15
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
  • Pork
  • 8.5LB Pork Shoulder (Costco)
  • Dizzy Dust Coarse Rub
  • Dizzy's RedEye Express Rub
  • ~1 cup Apple Juice
  • Olive Oil
  1. Clean Pork Shoulder under cold running water then pat dry. Trim Fat cap, but leave some fat. Smoke Fat cap down.
  2. Rub the entire Pork Shoulder with Olive Oil Then rub liberally with Dizzy Pig Seasoning (Dizzy Dust and RedEye Express)
  3. Keep in fridge overnight, then 5 hours before smoke inject with apple juice and apply more rub (this could be done the night before too)
  4. Remove from fridge and allow to warm up (1-1.5 hours before smoke)
  5. Bring Kamado Joe (Bessie) up to temp (200-220). Make sure firebox is full of fresh charcoal (Weekend Warrior Brand). I used a BBQ guru Party Q to help keep temp overnight.
  6. Add aluminum drip tray on top of heat deflector (with several feet of rolled up aluminum foil (pencil thickness) on the bottom to keep the tray from coming in direct contact with heat deflector)
  7. Add several large apple/cherry wood chunks for smoke.
  8. Maintain at 220 degrees until internal temp hits 195 as judged by Maverick-732 wireless thermometer and spot checked with Maverick PT-100 instant read. This smoke took 18 hours (If want to cook faster, raise heat to 250 degrees and/or wrap in aluminum foil to speed up the "stall" period.
  9. Then pull off grill, wrap tightly in aluminum foil and bath towel and put in cooler (prewarmed by adding hot water, letting sit and then dumping it out). The pork was kept this way for 1 hour to allow the meat to rest and redistribute juices. (If needed it can stay like this for hours)
  10. Put in aluminum try and pull apart. Bone should will right out.
  11. Served with coleslaw (wegman's) and homemade BBQ sauce (Eastern Carolina Vinegar based and Kansas City style). See other posts for these recipes.