Baby Back Ribs smoked with Apple Wood

Happy Labor day weekend to everyone.   Our weekend started off with us picking up our new family member “Ranger”



We had some friends over last night and grilled up 3 racks of Baby Back Ribs using the recipe I described in as previous post 

If its not broke don’t fix it…..

Once again these came out perfect, very tender with a nice smoke ring and lots of flavor.   Used the Dizzy Pig seasonings (Dizzy Dust & Raging River Rub).

OnPoint Baby Back Ribs

OnPoint Baby Back Ribs

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Two Fantasy Football drafts today….Should be fun



Baby Back Ribs (best yet!!)

Wednesday night we decided to grill up those 4 racks of baby back ribs that I mentioned in the previous post. A bonus to these ribs is that the butcher already removed the membrane from the back of the ribs making the prep much easier.

I washed the ribs under cold running water then patted dry and coated with extra virgin olive oil. A liberal coating of both Dizzy Pig Dizzy Dust and Raging River Rub seasoning was applied (approximately equal amounts of both). There were added to both sides of the ribs.

The ribs were then placed on a baking dish and wrapped with plastic wrap and kept in the fridge overnight. After this time the ribs were removed and allowed to come to room temperature.

The Kamado Joe grill was pre-heated to 250 degrees with the heat deflector in place and cherry wood chips as the smoke. I added a drip pan that contained apple juice and water to maintain a level of moisture during the first part of the smoke.

I used the 2-1-1 method which has worked out well lately for baby back ribs, maintaining 250 degrees The Kamado Joe rib rack was used during the first 2 hours of (uncovered) grilling. After this time, the ribs were drizzled with honey, sprayed liberally with spray butter then some dark brown sugar was crumbled over the top, then wrapped in aluminum foil.


After 1 hour of grilling (wrapped), the ribs were uncovered and grilled for an additional 1 hour. After unwrapping I coated the ribs with my favorite BBQ sauce (this time prepared with twice the vinegar and some red pepper flakes). Coated again at the 1/2 hour mark and again when I removed the ribs.

Total cooking time was 4 hours. As mentioned in the title, these were the best I have made yet. Awesome flavor and perfect consistency with a nice pink smoke ring. This will be my preferred method for grilling Baby Back Ribs moving forward.



OnPoint – belated birthday dinner!

I had to travel for my birthday this year so my awesome wife decided to cook ribs for dinner.  She got prepared St. Louis Style Ribs and grilled them on our Jenn-Air gas grill for 15 min, then indirect heat for approx. 2 hours.  I ended up throwing them back on direct heat for 15 min or so – charred them up a bit.  But they were very tasty after a long week!

I will have to introduce Karen to Josie soon but these were OnPoint!

2013-07-26 20.26.24

Baby Back Ribs-Lisa’s first attempt

A bit delayed on my updating. Once again the summer schedule is getting the best of me. We picked up two racks of baby back ribs from a local butcher (Hemp’s meats) last weekend.

The first step is to wash the ribs thoroughly under cold running water then remove the membrane from the back on the ribs. The ribs were then patted dry, coated in extra virgin olive oil and covered with Dizzy Pig Dizzy Dust and Dizzy Pig Raging River Rub. The Dizzy Dust is the standard all purpose rub that I use for many things but the Raging River Rub has a lemon peel/maple sugar flavor that is subtle but tasty .

Pre-heated the Kamado Joe (Bessie) to 250 degrees, added apple/cherry wood chunks and an aluminum pan with water/apple juice to maintain the moisture level. The ribs were stacked using the KJ Rib Rack accessory and heat deflector in place.

I had planned a day of fishing on the Potomac River with some buddies. Not ideal planning when you plan to smoke some rubs. Luckily my wife Lisa stepped up to the plate and offered to take over the grilling.

We used the 2-1-1 method (maintaining around 250 degrees). After the first two hours, Lisa wrapped the ribs with aluminum foil and added brown sugar and butter on top of the ribs. After the 3rd hour (total time) was complete, she unwrapped the ribs and during the final half hour coated with Kansas City style BBQ sauce

Ribs were perfect, firm enough to cut but very tender. Unfortunately, they were gone so fast I never got a picture.

However, I did get a picture of my first smallmouth bass caught in the upper Potomac from my Sea Eagle Kayak.


Nice work Lisa….OnPoint!