Baby Back Ribs (2-1-1 method) with Kansas City Style BBQ Sauce

The Kamado Joe “Bessie” was once again called upon for an OnPoint meal. This time it was 3 racks of baby back ribs we picked up from Wegman’s

Last night, I washed the ribs under cold running water and removed the membrane using a butter knife and paper towel (easier to pull it off this way).

Then patted the ribs dry and coated with yellow mustard. You don’t need much, just enough to give the rub something to stick to.

Coat both sides of the ribs liberally with two Dizzy Pig Seasoning (Dizzy Dust and Red Eye Express). Placed ribs in a tray and covered with plastic wrap (put in fridge overnight).

Remove ribs from fridge to allow to warm to room temperature. Pre-heated the Kamado Joe to ~220 degrees with heat deflector in place and aluminum tray (filled with 1/2 cup apple juice, 1/2 cup cider vinegar and 1/2 cup water). I used 4 apple wood chucks for the smoke which provides a nice mild but noticeable smoke flavor.

Used the Kamado Joe Rib rack for the first 2 hours of the smoke. Place ribs in a deep pan and covered with aluminum foil for the 3rd hour and grilled directly on grate for the 4th hour. Note: brush on BBQ sauce in the last half hour of the process (in this case at the ~3:30 hour mark.

As noted in previous posts, I typically use the 3-2-1 method which means 3 hours unwrapped, 2 hours wrapped in foil and 1 hour unwrapped. However, this caused the ribs to be a bit too fall off the bone.

Some prefer this but I wanted to try to make “competition-style” ribs which are nice and tender but still hold there shape when cut.

Made up a fresh batch of Bubba’s Kansas City Style BBQ sauce which once again was a big hit (even with my 4 year old niece).

I must say, the 2-1-1 worked out very well! I took a few pics of the process


After 2-1-1 (BBQ sauce applied)



These ribs were definitely OnPoint! All 3 racks were quickly gone. Will probably stick to the 2-1-1 method in the future for baby back ribs. If you want them a little more on the tender side you can do 2-1.5-1

Off to the DC zoo in the morning, then chicken wings, burgers and hockey.


Pork Ribs and S’Mores.

Ribs were solid again. I still think the 3-2-1 method is a bit much. Even for the bigger ribs that I did this time (compared to baby backs in the previous post)

Next time I may not wrap or will cut the middle time in half.

Nice flavor though. Beautiful night. Bessie you deserve a good nights rest.

Lots of yard work today so was good to have a big meal.

Finished up the meal with some s’mores substituting kit-Kats for the chocolate component since we didn’t have anything else. Not bad actually.

Not looking forward to the work week ahead but had a great weekend with friends and family so life is good.

Till next time…..

Pork Ribs-Prep

Well I was supposed to spend the day down on Lazy Dayz but with a small craft advisory and 20-35 knot winds I figured it would be best to do some things around the house.

This also gave me the opportunity to use Bessie. We gave missed each other. Went to Costco this morning and picked up a club pack of Pork Spareribs

Prepped them by trimming to size, pulling of the membrane on the back of the ribs. Rubbed in yellow mustard and seasoned with Dizzy Dust and Red Eye Express.

Going to leave in the fridge for 1h then pull out warm up for about another hour.

Smoking with Jack Daniels whiskey barrel wood chips and apple wood chucks

Will smoke at 250 using 3-2-1 method starting at around noon.


Baby Back Ribs 3-2-1-method

  • Wegman’s brand BB ribs (one rack). 
  • Dizzy Dust
  • Dizzy’s Red-eye Express
  • Yellow mustard
  • Apple/cherry wood chucks
  • Two Fat Guys BBQ sauce (mild)

 Rinsed rack of ribs under water then dried with paper towel.  Removed membrane from ribs, coat with yellow mustard, then coated with Dizzy Dust and placed in fridge overnight (covered).  Next day sprinkle with some Dizzy’s Red Eye Express.   Let warm to room temp (around 1 hour). 

 Light lump charcoal,have bottom vent (1 inch) and top vent open. Once up to 200 degrees, add wood chucks (apple and cherry ~2 chunks each), add heat deflector (bottom setting), and adjust vents (1/4 inch bottom,¼ inch top vent) until temp is around 250 degrees.  Place ribs in rib rack and smoke uncovered  for 3 hours then spray with BBQ mist (1 part apple cider vinegar, 1 part apple juice and 1 tsp Worcestershire sauce) and cover in aluminum foil for 2 hours.  After 2 hours, uncover and cook for another 1 hour coat with favorite BBQ sauce in this case Two Fat Guys BBQ(mild) was used.   

 Note: 2 hours in foil, the ribs seems a bit overdone.  Next time try to reduce time in foil or remove this step all together.   Might try just 5 hours uncovered with occasional spray with BBQ mist (mentioned above).

 Despite this, they were MONEY!!  Some of the best ribs I’ve ever had.  Nice bark, moist and fall of the bone.  

Surprised how well Bessie holds temp even when cold outside.  

 For low and slow, top vent is basically closed (open just a crack) and bottom vent is open about 1/4 inch.