Been Away Too Long!!!

The spring and summer really got away from me. While I definitely smoked my fair share of meats I neglected to update the blog. No excuses really. However, now that fall is coming and football is starting up you can expect a better effort from me.

That all starts today. I’ve got rack of baby backs smoking over peach wood on the Kamado Joe (Bessie) going at 220. Later this afternoon I’ll be smoking up a pork butt hot and fast (350 degrees)

For the baby backs I use the 2,1,1 method almost exclusively and it works well every time.


I’ll be live tweeting through the day and will post more details on the blog later.

Looking forward to football and grilling up some OnPoint meals this fall.

Stay tuned.

Happy Sunday


[Cold] Smoked Cheddar & Mozzarella

I never completely understood what “Cold Smoked” really means…so I did some research and wanted to give it a try…

I picked up a 6″ tube smoker and the BBQ’ers Delight variety pack of pellets and decided to give it a try.  Got a couple 2 LB blocks of cheese and cut them into smaller blocks (to maximize smoked surface):

2014-01-12 12.30.35

I stuffed the tube with a mix of apple and pecan and lit the end of it with my newly acquired propane torch.  Let it burn for about 45 seconds then blew the flame out.

2014-01-12 12.34.22 2014-01-12 12.30.30

I was quite impressed with the amount of smoke produced, this could be a great accessory to normal grilling, even on a gas grill!

The outside temp was approx 45 and the inside of my Kamado Joe “Josie” never rose to above 62.  I think this was the perfect outdoor temp to do the cold smoke; this could be very difficult to perform if the outside temp is > 75 or so.

I let it smoke for abiout 90 min then took the cheese off.  I went over to BBQ Brother Dave’s house and his wife Lisa helped me seal it with their vacuum sealer.  The cheese should rest for 2-3 weeks and then I look forward to trying it.  If it turns out well, the smoked mozzarella could be very good on a pizza.


Polar Vortex Pulled Pork

I’ve been very lazy in terms posting after I cook something.  No excuses.

The temps were perfect for an overnight smoke (overnight low was below zero and at least 10 below wind chill!)

While I had little to no doubt that my Kamado Joe “Josie” was up for the task, I was a little worried about how the PartyQ would perform in the sub-zero temps.

I had prepared the pork early on Friday 1/3/14 with a mix of rubs – mostly using Dizzy Pig Pineapple Head to add a tad of sweetness.  I also injected the pork with a mix of apple juice, apple cider vinegar, and a hint of the rub mixture.

2014-01-04 00.14.19

I prepped Josie during the day with a full firebox of Wicked Good Weekend Warrior Blend and added soaked apple chunks when I lit the fire at midnight.

Despite the bitter cold temperatures, I was able to stabilize the BBQ temperature quickly and set the PartyQ to 220.  BBQ Brother Dave suggested I wrap the non-fan part of the PartyQ in a glove to protect it from the cold air – I did this, monitored the temp for about an hour (everything seemed fine), and then went to bed around 1:45 AM.

I woke up @ 6:15 AM to the alarm going off indicating that the temp had dropped too low.  I got dressed quickly and went outside to see what was going on.  The BBQ temp had dropped to <180 and the PartyQ was blowing non-stop.  I quickly removed the PartyQ and opened the vents to get the fire going.  The fire never went out completely and it took about 15-20 min to bring back to the right temp.  The PartyQ seemed to be struggling to blow the fan so I went with manual vent control for the rest of the smoke.

I started the smoke @ midnight hoping to be done by 2-3 PM to rest for an hour then serve around 4:30…as always, I underestimated the total cook time and it didn’t come to temp until about 4:30 PM.  This 10LB shoulder had a very long stall period but I think I also lost at least an hour or two with the PartyQ malfunction.   We ended up eating around 5:30 or so but…it was well worth the wait, the Polar Vortex Pulled Pork was OnPoint.

Going to smoke a couple of chickens tomorrow (one for pulled chicken, one for chicken salad) and test the PartyQ to see if I have an issue with the device.  I suspect NO but need to confirm that it’s working well or work with the manufacturer to replace.


(and, since I am usually behind schedule, I forget to take pictures of the finished product)