As promised — the detailed recipes from Mother’s Day Dinner

Skirt Steak in Adobo Sauce, Lobster Tails with Mexican Butter, Grilled Corn, & Spinach

Nothing too elaborate here but somewhat interesting b/c I had to improvise on some things for the “Adobo Sauce.”

I had planned on a fairly elaborate preparation but that sort of went out the window when I could not find Ancho Chile Peppers at my local Wegmans market. Since I did not have time to visit a specialty market, this is where my backup plan came into play.  I asked for some advice from the guy in the produce department but he and I couldn’t find a suitable replacement for the Ancho Chiles.  Thankfully Wegmans has a fairly diverse international section so I strolled over to visit the Latin American aisle and found a gem – “La Costena Chipolte Peppers in Adobo Sauce.”0007639700407_500X500

I purchased 4 cans along ($1.29 each) with 2 packages of Skirt Steak (nicely marbled, about 8-9 oz each).  I also visited the seafood counter and got 2 HUGE lobster tails – caught in the wild off the coast of Nicaragua.

When I got home, I opened the peppers and since the sauce was not too “saucy”, I put the peppers in a food processor (chop/blend mode) and made a puree (added a touch of olive oil and water until I had the right consistency).  I put that in an airtight container with the steaks and marinated for almost 2 days.

Sunday afternoon:

Skirt steak prep – took steak out of fridge and let come to room temp (for about 90 min).  I ended up freezing one of the steaks since we had a LOT of food.  Also, I removed most of the sauce/paste from the meat before grilling.

Lobster prep – rinsed lobster tails and patted dry.  Brushed lightly with Olive Oil.

Mexican Butter – 1/2 stick butter, chile powder, lime juice, garlic (melt butter and add ingredients to taste).

Corn prep – removed outer husks and peeled back most of the inner husks, removed silks and soaked in cold water for about 20 min.

Fired up my Kamado Joe – “Josie” to about 600 degrees.  Also fired up the trusty Jenn Air gas grill (med-heat) and started the corn on the gas grill (didn’t want to cook the corn that hot).  Grill details are in the previous post, but I grilled the tails and the steak direct over the coals (no grill grates) for a total of about 12 min.  It was my first time cooking skirt steak and this cooks very quickly compared to flank steak.  It is very tender and cooks nicely.  If you cook it for more than 5 or 6 min, then you’ve probably gone past medium.  Also, I finished the corn on Josie to get a few char marks and charred pieces of corn.

Overall this turned out to be a GREAT meal.  Definitely want to try more with the skirt steak – great flavor and many options (fajitas, other steak marinades/seasonings).  A key to the skirt steak (similar to flank steak) is to cut across the grain.

Also, the lobster tails were quite expensive (but worth it) so I might try a more reasonable (cheaper) option next time to see if that matter.